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 “Let your food be your medicine, & your medicine your food.” Hippocrates c.460 – 377 BC Father of Modern Medicine

We are living in the greatest famine in history.

Its not a famine of calories,  its a famine of nutrients!  There's a fast food epidemic happening right now, we're drowning in calories,  caloric intake is now double what it was in the 60's, but we're eating empty calories.

We have a famine of nutrients..... our food is being stripped of its nutrients to ensure longer shelf life in the stores.  The nutrient value of what we eat now is less than half what it was just a few short decades ago.  This means our bodies are craving food making us overeat, creating a society where people are simultaneously overweight and under nourished ....we are literally starving while getting sick.

Today over 60% of the populations of Canada, USA and Mexico are overweight while we also have a significant percentage of the population on prescription drugs from cradle to grave.

*Dr Joshua Plant, * Formulator Russ Bianchi.